The Land of Volcanos and Geysers

On our first full day on Kamchatka, 11 August 2017, we visited some amazing volcanos and geysers. The variety of the landscapes and its colors are just breathtaking – unbelievable!

Most trips are done with Russian Mi-8 helicopters. There are several of them flying to different spots and we love the helicopter rides because you get so many different perspectives from this beautiful peninsula. Our longest flight took a bit more than one hour. The trip overall lasted for about six hours (delicious salmon lunch included).

There is a very large number of volcanos on Kamchatka. Actually about 30 volcanos are active. It is impressive to get so close!

The valley of Geysers is just unbelievable. The big range of colors paints many different wonderful pictures. Furthermore, it is everywhere steaming, smoking and bubbling – and from time to time Geysers are erupting…..we felt like living in a different world.

….steaming and spraying…..

…and here a geyser erupts…..

…some blubbering mud pits ….

The crystal-water pool looks so beautiful – but you should not go for a swim since it is boiling hot…..

This is called "Entrance to Hell" …. burning hot steam comes out of both wholes…..

Another helicopter stop at the amazing Uzon-Caldera. The Caldera fauna is unique and thanks to the warm springs bears love to come here for eating in early spring and just to warm up!


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