Vladivostok – the Eastern End of the Transsib

Our last Standard Transsib night travel ended in Vladivostok on 8 July 2017 (this time in a first class compartment which is much more comfortable than the 4-person second class compartment…). After 9,288 km – we made it!

Vladivostok is a very interesting and vibrant city. It reminds us of San Francisco (very hilly, coast line). It is the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet and therefore it was a closed city for foreigners and Russians until 1992.

The city has two large cable-stayed bridges which provide beautiful sights from different places. First the Golden Horn bridge (2.1 km) in the center and second the bridge to the Russky island across Eastern Bosphorus strait (3.1 km). There is a beautiful viewpoint close by the lighthouse.

There is a very long sea promenade full of Russian tourists (day and evening). The atmosphere is cheerful. A lot of food stalls are along the promenade as well as amusement stalls. Children, as all over the world, love to eat cotton candy or ice-cream. A bit like in old films seemed the offer of taking photos with a monkey or a lizard. We spent quite some time just watching people strolling along the sea (and eating an ice-cream cone ourselves;-))!

Now, it is time to get ready for our next adventure: Kamchatka Peninsula!


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