The Buryat City Ulan-Ude

After a night train travel we arrived in Ulan-Ude at 5am on Wednesday, 2 August 2017. It is the capital of the republic Buryatia. Many Buryats are Buddhists. The Buryats have their blood roots linked to the Mongolian people.

We have never seen any larger head statue ….. the head of Lenin…..

The city is compact and very walkable. A melting pot of different Russian cultures and religions.

The ethnographic openair museum showcased the different ways of living over time by the different tribes. This was like a small Ballenberg.

An excursion to visit the Buddist Iwolginski Datsan was very interesting, too. The Lama Monastery has its roots from the Tibet. A unique moment was when we were allowed to see the Lama Dorzho Itigelov who died 1927. He is famous for not having much decayed after so many years. To see him sitting there was out of this world and very impressive.


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